At Lethos, we take customer support very seriously. Whether you need a quick solution to a technical problem or have an emergency that requires immediate attention during or after business hours, please contact our support team as instructed below. Please provide name, company name, problem description and the best way to reach you. Also, please assign a priority number that will be assigned to your support ticket. This will help us in selecting the best solution and technician to provide as quick a response as possible; see below.

  • Priority 1:  These items are of Critical Importance. Until this is fixed, a system is down and the company is losing money. E.g., server is offline will not boot up.  This is an emergency.
  • Priority 2:  High Priority – Very Important.  Until this is fixed, work is being interrupted or not flowing the way it should. Some equipment or software is unusable. This issue affects productivity.
  • Priority 3:  Medium Priority – Important. A problem needs to be fixed, but business can continue.
  • Priority 4:  Low Priority – Annoyance. These are items that should be fixed while doing other work or when all other support requests have been completed.
Customer Support Team Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm Pacific
Saturday: 9:00am – noon Pacific

Choose the method most convenient for you:

Phone: (661) 900-1890

Immediate Online Rescue:

Enter your 6-digit PIN code here:

We are committed to assisting all of our customers in the most timely manner possible. We use a support queue to ensure everyone receives attention in the order received and the priority level that you have assigned to the request.