We have taken the ordinary concept of “a backup copy” to a whole new level.

We help you protect your company’s most important information so you never have to worry about losing it. For some companies, it is ther QuickBooks data, for others it is their Customer / Sales information, and yet for others it could be directly related to a specific line of business application that must never miss a beat.

Regardless of the type of data your business leans on most, our Managed Data Protection services can help you stay up and running no matter what happens.

We offer three levels of service:

  • Local Storage with Redundancy – this is the most cost effective form of data protection, it eliminates a single point of failure for your data but lacks the added security provided when adding a second physical storage location
  • Local Storage with Redundancy + Offsite Data Storage – this is often considered the minimum for business-grade data protection. You have no single points of failure on-site as well as off-site.
  • Local Storage with Redundancy + Offsite Data Storage + Multi-Data Center Storage – this is the best protection available and is for businesses that understand that information is critical and a quick recovery from a loss is paramount. Your data is stored in fault-tolerant systems onsite, and in multiple data centers using a highly secure storage method.

Contact us today to ask which level of service is best for your needs.