The technology landscape has always been evolving, and the pace of change has continued to increase as systems deliver higher levels of performance with each new development. In many ways, the number of technologies can be overwhelming and demand attention (time and money) that many business leaders wish could be applied to their core business instead.

That is where the Lethos I.T. Ecosystem comes in….. we help you simplify I.T. to the point it becomes a reliable utility.

The Lethos I.T. Ecosystems include:

  • Desktop Productivity Suites (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Communications)
  • BackOffice Servers (Email, File Servers, Print Servers, Databases, Intranets)
  • Line of Business Applications (Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, Retail, Media, Production Systems)
  • Network Management (Physical Network, Routers, Switches, Internet Connectivity, Firewalls, WiFi)
  • Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud Services (High Availability Data Centers, Scalable Architectures)
  • Backup & Restore (Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Databases)
  • Help Desk & Onsite Support (Ticket Systems, End-User Support, Phone Support, Repairs, Upgrades)
  • Technology Refresh (User Equipment, Office Equipment, Datacenter Equipment)
  • System Updates (Patches, Virus Protection, Malware Protection, Service Packs)